Chronicles Of An Oxymoron

January 2023

My intention for this month: What does this look like for me? Rest – A cute bedtime routine and morning routine… Letting go of “booked and busy” and “FOMO”… And, Yoga and meditation Research – Items I want for my home as I redecorate… A potential business idea… Next steps in my life… Restoration -…

Do It For The Vine…

I ain’t gon’ do it! Though Vine met its fate some years ago, you cannot deny its impact on the social media space. You also cannot deny how social media has taken over in general, almost becoming a necessity of life, such as food. And just like with food, some items enjoyed in abundance can…


Another year of going through the motions… Alive.. a little living… Tired and restless… No true direction… Hiring nutritionists, life coaches, and therapists, still ending up making little to no changes… Unsuccessful social media breaks… More house debt… A few fun trips through; Cleveland, Orlando, St. Louis, Montreal, and San Bernadino… A little bit of…

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