My Mental Health Journey

Cool and Laidback

Saw these posted on Instagram… They hit home… I’ve definitely used “cool” as a way to describe myself. Just like the text in the images says, there’s really nothing “cool” about being that way. Literally, just had a conversation with my therapist about how not being expressive, hiding emotions, not speaking up, and being “cool”,Continue reading “Cool and Laidback”

Career Anxiety

At first I was like, “is this a thing?” I did some googling and it turns out it is! I’ll be damned… There were a few articles that came up describing it as being anxious about choosing the right career, or hopping from job to job as stay fresh and not fade away into aContinue reading “Career Anxiety”

Quick Update…

A update on how the remainder of my 2021 went… Traveling – After the trip to Mexico, I also went to Atlanta and Memphis. Atlanta is always a good time when I visit. I stayed at a really nice Hampton Inn & Suites in Midtown. My first time experiencing a hotel with the main lobbyContinue reading “Quick Update…”

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