Nice To Meet You

Oh, hey! Come on in! Get comfortable while we get uncomfortable going through this journey called life. I’m Gil a.k.a. Gilly, a 38 year old black man, born, raised, and still living in the Chicago area. I love to travel, I’m a foodie, I enjoy visual and performing arts, lover of music and movies, a personal cheerleader to friends and family, and a financial well-being advocate. I do all these things and more, while living with and managing anxiety and depression.

Why do this? A few reasons:

  • Mental health is a growing concern for black men. We’re often told to sweep our feelings and emotions under the rug, while putting on a strong front, though we’re dying inside
  • Sharing my story will let others know they are not alone. So many people experience these conditions, but are afraid to speak up and feel alone in the journey; they are not
  • Additionally, writing will help me as well. It allows me to think things through, get the thoughts out, and provides relief

I will try to post once a week. Posts will vary in length depending on the topic. I will share personal stories, achievements, and disappointments. I hope this connects with many people, but like I noted above, especially my fellow black men. Please feel free to comment on my posts (keep it cute though lol) and be sure to share with others who may benefit from reading this.

As Tisha Campbell sang, “It’s the journey”… Let’s push though!!