Will You Go With Me? ctn.

Not much dating took place in college, but hooking up happened. I was in undergrad when AOL chat rooms, Yahoo Messenger, College Club, Black Planet, and other online sites were popping. Those were my solace. I still was not completely comfortable with my sexuality, so online provided a space where I could explore. Plus, I had no clue how to approach, flirt, or express interest in a guy face-to-face. I was way too scared and my “gay-dar” wasn’t tuned yet, so I dare not try to flirt and dude ends up being straight, and I then have to fight.

The chat rooms were a mess, fun at times, but definitely a mess. That’s were I learned some lingo (A/S/L?) and where I quickly learned that being fat was frowned upon, also, just because they express interest, doesn’t mean they want anything more than the dick and/or ass. The rooms and other online spaces also let me know I wasn’t the only one hiding in the shadows on campus, and before it had a name, Cat-Fishing was a thing back then as well (I may have even done a little myself… well not “may”, I did… SMH lol). There were a couple of guys I crushed on hard, found them online somehow, but was just too scared and insecure to even present myself online to them… SMH

As awkward and unsure of myself as I was, there were a few guys I mustered up the courage to actually meet offline. Lost my virginity to a down-low Greek; we hooked up somewhat regularly till he graduated (whew, he had the fattest ass; sorry). Had a couple more regular hook-ups, even messed around with someone I worked with in my later years on campus. That’s all it was though, no dating, no romance, no courting, no intimacy. Just sex. I think that’s when I started to equate sex to what makes me valuable, rather than who I was as a person. I still struggle with that. And, honestly, I had no clue who I was as a person at that time.

Even with my college antics, I still didn’t know what it meant to date someone, be intimate outside of sex, or communicate and express feelings with someone I found attractive. “Will you go with, circle yes or no”, is cute for adolescence, but does not work when you are grown. Things from childhood really do create a chain of events, because as mentioned in previous posts, communication, expressing feelings, and showing affection, were not a big presence for me growing up. With that, as I transitioned from college to the “real world”, I received several slaps in the face from then till now…

Will You Go With Me?

Circle “Yes” or “No”

In your younger years, did you ever slide one of those notes to someone you were crushing on? I did! 8th grade, Algebra class, Nicole F******n, she said “no” lol. I had a huge crush on her, she was so cool, very cute, and intelligent. She did let me down somewhat easy, stating we’d be a different high schools the following year, but still, a no is a no. And, yes at that time I was noticing by attraction to the boys, but I definitely was not acting on it, so I played it “straight”.

Not much happened for me in High School in this area either. I had a girlfriend for about a month, who turned into one of my bestfriends to this very day. Other than her and the random girl I took to prom, dating was nonexistent. At this time, I surly knew I liked boys, had several boy crushes in high school, but again, no way I was taking action. I kept to myself, felt like I was the only one, though that proved to be untrue after leaving high school and bumping into old classmates at the gay club or pride events, but at that time I felt I was on my own. I got picked on, was called gay, since I wasn’t as “hard” as some of the other boys. They had no confirmation, but you know how school kids are, and of course I wasn’t going to give them the satisfaction of being right, so I continued to hide in the shadows. I knew of no groups, nor had anyone to talk to about my sexuality, so it was suppressed… till I got to college…


Happy Birthday to me! I have reached the final year of my thirties!

My thirties have been interesting. Mid to late thirties has been an awakening with much sunshine, while my early thirties were cloudy and gloomy. I believe I mentioned in my 1st or 2nd post on here, how everything with my anxiety and depression came front and center in my early thirties.

Spent a lot of time overthinking, not sharing my voice, not doing a lot of the things I wanted to do, and spent a lot time alone. Things began to turn around 36/37. Started therapy. Started on a health and fitness journey. Became enlightened about my behaviors and things to work on. And since then, things have been on the up and up!

As I prepare to close out my thirties, I look forward to even more progress! More love. More communication. More sharing. More vulnerability. More passion. More movement. More insight!

Happy birthday to me! Let’s go get em!

Pandemic Pause

Didn’t we all have high hopes for 2020? The year started off great! I was feeling good, energy was up, body was looking good, I was being social, celebrated mom’s 70th, traveled to ATL, met some online friends for the first time, even got a crushes number at the club. Then, skrrrrrrttt! Everything comes to a halt!

I do not know the exact timeline, but I want to say the news surrounding C-19 (I’m not using the full name in case posts are being flagged) started picking up toward the end of February. Italy was seeing a lot of cases, but it was still a whisper here in the states. I had friends that traveled to Italy in March, who made it back to the states literally days before Italy shut down. Thankfully, they had no health issues. I got sick after returning from Atlanta in March, and panicked a little bit, but the ER doc assured me it was just a sinus infection (they weren’t even doing testing for C-19 at the time). Shortly after that, events get canceled left and right, places start shutting down, cities went on lock down, and I end up working from home for the indefinite future (still as of the date of this post).

Sheltering in place threw me for a loop initially. As an introvert I thought I would be fine. I’d lounge, I’d eat, watch some tv, and rest up. Chile… after the first week or so I was on edge! Working from home 5 days a week (6 or 7 with OT), was not that easy initially. Especially, when you cannot go out and do something afterward to break the monotony. My mood was all over the place. Some days were good, other days I was sad with low energy. It was kind of like that Ari Lennox song “New Apartment”, where she realizes she actually needs people and not sure her apartment. I used to say I was an introvert with a twist, meaning I enjoy my quiet, but like to be an out and about as well. That has proved to be true during this time!

Adjustments were made and eventually I mellowed out. Therapy sessions turned into Facetime sessions, as well as other doc appointments. Friends gathered on Zoom, which I had never heard of before this started, even did a Zoom B-day dinner for one friend (that may be the case for mine next week too). Masks became the norm for grocery runs. Contactless delivery from Grub Hub and them. DJ’s going on IG live to brighten our spirits. Social media popping off to stay connected and entertained. Even a few more hits on the “dating” apps. (Side Note: This actually would be a good time to get to know someone new; endless conversations till in person dates can be done again, but I just haven’t been feeling it).

Thankfully I found ways to stay occupied. I painted a bedroom. Organized closets. Got rid of old paperwork and clothes. Finished decorating my office. And, I’ve been browsing other home improvements I can get the ball rolling on. That felt good. I also bought some more plants to take care of, which made me happy as well. Money I saved from eating out and transportation went into my investment accounts. Plus, I’ve been able to make a good dent in my student loan payments while they’re in forbearance. Oh!! I cut my hair myself and even tried a new look; a bald head! I still miss physical contact and the energy I get from other people. I kind of feel like I’ve regressed in some of the steps I’ve made in therapy, especially around my social anxiety, but I have to remind myself that is not true. This has definitely been an unprecedented time, but we will make it through!