Quick Update…

A update on how the remainder of my 2021 went…

Traveling – After the trip to Mexico, I also went to Atlanta and Memphis. Atlanta is always a good time when I visit. I stayed at a really nice Hampton Inn & Suites in Midtown. My first time experiencing a hotel with the main lobby on the the top floor, rather than at the main entrance. The room was really nice, didn’t experience the bar or food, but I’d stay there again. I got to see and spend time with the majority of my friends down there. They always make sure I have a good time; love them!

Memphis was a good time as well. Drove down for a quick trip with a friend. Got there on a Friday evening, saw some sights on Saturday, and headed back home on Sunday. I drove all eight hours there and back. It felt good to get my car on the road. I’m usually not a fan of long distance drives, but this one wasn’t bad. Of course we hit Beale St., the Peabody Hotel for the duck walk, some good restaurants, and paid our respects at the Lorraine Motel. I like Memphis.

Holiday Season – Thanksgiving was cool. Had dinner at my cousin’s place. Way too many people in one apartment. Food was good as hell though and it was nice to see family I hadn’t seen in a while. Dad didn’t eat because it was too many people breathing over the food. It very well could have been a super spreader event, but no one got sick that I know of.

Fast forward to Christmas time and of course the holiday party invites rolled out. Got three invites for the same night. Was going to try to make it to at least two, but only went to one. I had a good time. Met some new people. There was this fine ass dude there that I wanted to chat up, but people were in his face all night… Hit a bar afterwards. Ending the night feeling good!

Tuesday rolls around, the host of the party said some people in attendance tested positive for Covid. I was feeling great. In the gym that whole week. Had dinner with a friend that week too. Then Friday night it started… a dry cough. Saturday, more symptoms appeared, I went and took three Covid tests; all came back negative. Continued to feel like shit, tested again that following Tuesday, both tests came back positive. I was down and out for two weeks. Quarantined for Christmas and NYE. Thankfully, I had already planned vacation time for the week between both holidays, so I got sleep in, eat, and sleep some more… All is well now. I feel amazing. I can taste food again! I never want to get sick like that again. Go get vaccinated and tested!

(Weekly Good Note: Great appointment with my nutritionist this week. We’re really coming up with good food plans that I believe I can stick to)

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Born and raised in the Chicago area. I like to call myself an introvert with a twist; enjoy being out and about, but love my time at home the most! Lover of food, music, performing and visual arts, travel, financial wellbeing, and philanthropy!

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