As of today Chicago is fully open! Establishments can be at 100% capacity. Yay… I guess lol. Initially I felt the reopening and getting back to the pre-covid “normal” was happening so fast! Like, why are we in such a rush to get back to crowded brunches, bars, festivals, and other too-close-for-comfort events? My anxiety was through the roof seeing mask requirements being removed and capacity limits increasing at indoor establishments. Though I, family, and close friends are vaccinated, I was still like “hol’ up, slow down”. As we can see, that hasn’t happened. Businesses want their bottom lines to go up, with little to no care for the health and safety of employees.

At this point, I am a little more at ease. Vaccination numbers seem to be on point in Chicago and the infection rates have really decreased. I am glad we are getting a grip on things, but I still feel society as a whole didn’t learn much from this experience. It’s really going to be every person for themselves in terms of a societal crisis. My mask will surly be on in crowded settings and the sanitizer is now a staple in my car and man-bag.

As we I ease back into things, I am looking forward to a good summer. I get to kick things off with celebrating my 40th birthday this month. I plan to do some small road trips to nearby cities I’ve never been to. I want to take the parents up to Lake Geneva for a quick, short getaway; they’ve never been. I also look forward to traveling to visit family and friends that live in other states. So, cheers to the reopening! Please continue to be safe and lets pay our respects to those we lost during these unprecedented times.

Published by GilySJ

Born and raised in the Chicago area. I like to call myself an introvert with a twist; enjoy being out and about, but love my time at home the most! Lover of food, music, performing and visual arts, travel, financial wellbeing, and philanthropy!

One thought on “Open!

  1. I felt that way too at first. Seems like most places around the country are opening up. I’ve been vaccinated. Same for most friends and family members. I have two NYC trips planned, July and October. I want to reschedule trips that were canceled last year, Montreal, Pittsburgh, and Philly. But those might get pushed into 2022. But I’m just glad to be able to travel again. Traveling is my therapy.

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