Happy Birthday to me! I have reached the final year of my thirties!

My thirties have been interesting. Mid to late thirties has been an awakening with much sunshine, while my early thirties were cloudy and gloomy. I believe I mentioned in my 1st or 2nd post on here, how everything with my anxiety and depression came front and center in my early thirties.

Spent a lot of time overthinking, not sharing my voice, not doing a lot of the things I wanted to do, and spent a lot time alone. Things began to turn around 36/37. Started therapy. Started on a health and fitness journey. Became enlightened about my behaviors and things to work on. And since then, things have been on the up and up!

As I prepare to close out my thirties, I look forward to even more progress! More love. More communication. More sharing. More vulnerability. More passion. More movement. More insight!

Happy birthday to me! Let’s go get em!

Published by GilySJ

Born and raised in the Chicago area. I like to call myself an introvert with a twist; enjoy being out and about, but love my time at home the most! Lover of food, music, performing and visual arts, travel, financial wellbeing, and philanthropy!

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